Full Moon

Full moon in general is an end of an old and a beginning of a new cycle. A chance to let go of things that no longer serve you and to move forward into a new beginning. Old tantric texts regarded the moon as the source of immortality (looking at the moon for rejuvenation). The time of a full moon is a time to draw your attention inwards, to reflect, to invite a sense of receptivity, as the qualities of the moon are soothing, dense, slow, cooling and calming.

Do you feel affected by the energy of the moon? A little more sensitive, intense dreams, a lighter sleep, feeling depleted, overwhelmed, or feeling the need to retreat and to protect your energy from the outside world? I definitely felt the energy of this moon during the last few days. There was the excitement and that little bit of anxiety that came with the opportunity of starting my own business, but also a feeling of transformation, of a new beginning, of a big change and a chance to be a better version of myself and even though I always feel affected by the full moon, this one felt bigger…

This pink full moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the sign of transformation Scorpio full moon is one of the best times for letting go and cleansing away things that no longer serve you and an opportunity to peel away some obsolete patterns that have been holding you back from being your true self. Purposeful Transformation is not an easy task, as it challenges you to face your fears and anxieties and makes clear that only through surrendering and in stepping into the unknown, are we truly able to let go. But once you allow yourself to dig deep and dive into the unconscious layers of your psyche there is the opportunity to feel and evolve into who you truly are! To feel your essence, your true power, the utterly perfect beautiful being that you are. What is holding you back from being your best self? From experiencing your unlimited powers? Some information about Chandra Namaskar The Moon practice Chandra Namaskar – Moon Salutations- invites you to bow down to the Full Moon and cultivate its soothing energy. It helps to release stress and to balance your energy. It is the soothing little sister of the Surya Namaskar – Sun salutations- that we use in our fiery Vinyasa practice to warm our whole being from inside out, embody the solar energy, stretch and strengthen. While Surya Namaskar is heating our bodies and is giving us the internal fire and passion, Chandra Namaskar gives us a method for calming, quietening and cooling our bodies, to create a balance to our “sun orientated” fiery, competitive lifestyle. So help to replenish our vital energy. The poses of Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar are not dissimilar, it is the INTENTION, PACE, QUALITY OF MOVEMENT that makes the difference between the two.



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